Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living

Creating Barrier-Free Lives for Persons with Disabilities

What is INCIL?

The Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL) supports 22 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) across the state. The goal of these non-profit organizations is to provide community-based, non-residential support for people with disabilities so they may achieve independence in every aspect of their lives, including home, work and school. 

CILs are run by and for the people they serve, with at least 51% of each CIL’s staff and Board of Directors comprised of individuals with disabilities. They are driven by the philosophy that people with disabilities have the right to make the choices that effect the direction of their lives, and the opportunity to participate fully and equally in their communities.  

Centers for Independent Living provide support for all people living with disabilities, regardless of their disability type, age or economic status. They serve individuals born with disabilities, as well as those who suddenly find themselves facing a new disability and the uncertainty that surrounds that life change. They help consumers find or keep their independence, make life choices, and obtain their goals. 


All CILs advocate, educate, and help to empower persons with disabilities by providing: 

Information, Referrals and Resources for independent living  

Independent Living Skills Training such as how to prepare a budget, build a resume, hire and manage a personal assistant when needed, and develop awareness and self-advocacy skills 

Peer Support, opportunities for social activities, meetings, and networking. Persons with disabilities comprise at least 51% of all CIL staff and boards of directors and use these services themselves.  

Individual and Systems Advocacy for personal rights and policy change locally and throughout Illinois. Speaking out to improve the lives of persons with disabilities   

Transition Support from high school to college and/or work, and from institutionalization to independence on their own terms.

INCIL is a resource for our member centers. We assist centers with growth and development, and provide education and technical assistance needed for communities to create an open environment of equality and inclusion.

In Need of Assistance?

If you are an individual with a disability, or a family member or friend seeking help for a loved one, find a CIL near you.

Want to Have Your Voice Heard?

Find information for your elected officials. Be sure to let them know which legislation you would like them to support.

Looking for Rewarding Employment?
Make Money and Make a Difference. Become a Personal Assistant!

People with disabilities in Illinois are seeking to hire mature, reliable and honest people as their Personal Assistants. Local CILs provide training and orientation in communication skills, care techniques, and information about the employer-employee relationship. A healthcare background is not necessary, just a desire to help people with disabilities live independent lives.  

Visit for information on the Personal Assistant and Training Program.

"With the help of my personal assistant, I can live effectively and successfully in the community, to maintain my independence."
PA Program Consumer
Young physically impaired Cerebral Palsy patient being fed by Home caregiver image

Our Mission

INCIL is a united network that serves as the leading resource for Illinois Centers for Independent Living, ensuring Centers have the resources needed to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.

Download our brochure to learn more about the Independent Living Movement & Philosophy.

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