INCIL Announces Home Modification Program

State-Funded Initiative Aims to Enhance Accessibility and Independence for Illinois Residents with Disabilities

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living (INCIL), an impactful initiative supported with funding from the State of Illinois, is pleased to announce the launch of a Home Modification Program designed to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. This program aims to provide significant building modifications at no cost to the homeowner or renter, marking a major advancement in accessibility and independent living in Illinois.

Funds are available for improvements that make private homes and rental properties more accessible. These modifications can include the installation of exterior ramps and various home improvements, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can live more comfortably and independently in their own homes.

Eligibility for this program is straightforward: applicants must either own their home or be renters with the landlord’s permission to make modifications. At least one resident of the home must have a documented disability, and the offer is exclusive to residents of Illinois. Qualified professionals within the disability community will collaborate directly with each applicant to assess their unique accessibility requirements and determine what modifications can be made to their home to make it a suitable environment.

“We are deeply committed to facilitating independence and enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities,” said John S. Herring, Sr., Executive Director of INCIL. “This program is more than just about modifying homes; it’s about transforming lives by breaking down the physical barriers that prevent many from living independently. With the support of the State of Illinois and our network of 22 centers for independent living which covers all 102 counties, we are taking significant steps toward creating a more inclusive and accessible world for everyone.”

Interested parties are encouraged to act swiftly. To begin the application process, applicants should visit for an initial intake or call 217-525-1308. Following this, their local center for independent living will follow up to discuss the next steps.

INCIL remains steadfast in its mission to be a united network that serves as the leading resource for Illinois’s centers for independent living. Through initiatives like the Home Modification Program, INCIL continues to advocate for the rights and independence of people with disabilities, ensuring they have the necessary resources to live freely and without barriers.

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