INCIL by the numbers

Centers for Independent Living have a major, quantifiable impact in Illinois. Here are a few highlights —

  • 22 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) operate across the state of Illinois


  • 17 satellite offices extend the reach and impact of Illinois CILs


  • 93 of Illinois’ 102 counties are directly served by a CIL


  • 68,642 Illinois citizens with disabilities received services from CILs in FFY 2015


  • 573 people transitioned from institutions or nursing homes to the community with the help of CIL staff from 2014-2016


  • $32,000 in estimated annual savings to the state – every time an individual moves out of an institution or nursing home and into the community


  • $20,000,000+ in local, state, federal and private dollars flow through Illinois communities because of the work of CILs (Many more dollars in secondary, induced and indirect effects multiply the financial benefits CILs have on Illinois’ economy)


  • At least 80 people (many of whom have a disability) lost their jobs within CILs between 2015 and 2017 due to the ongoing State budget impasse


…more to come!

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