Welcome George Jennings!

Head shot of smiling man wearing a maroon-colored collared polo shirt. He is George Jennings.

George Jennings brings broad experience in construction, compliance management and database administration, and financial risk management; and is committed to quality and timely completion of projects in complex regulatory environments. He hopes to leverage this experience to improve accessibility and contribute to the socioeconomic wellbeing of INCIL-network consumers throughout Illinois.

We are happy to welcome George Jennings as INCIL’s first-ever Home Modification Program Manager.

About the Home Modification Program – As a coalition of centers for independent living, governed and staffed primarily by persons with disabilities, and dedicated to ensuring that persons with disabilities achieve maximum independence and freedom of choice, INCIL places high importance on ensuring fully accessible housing according to our consumers’ goals for their lives. The Home Modification Program literally opens this door for all ages and stages of persons with disabilities throughout Illinois, thanks to this vital $7.5 million grant from the State of Illinois.

For more information on how to apply for a home modification at your Illinois residence, contact your local Center for Independent Living. See Illinois Map on this site for contact information.

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