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Photo shows two stacked images separated by the OrCam logo. Above, one adult male views a laptop screen while wearing the OrCam MyEye wearable reader. Below, a woman's hand grasps the OrCam Read device just above a printed page.

OrCam – The Future of Accessibility, resource information and illustration provided by OrCam representative Corinne Nero. “We harness the power of innovative AI assistive technology to help people with low vision, blindness and reading difficulty gain greater independence with intuitive wearable and handheld smart devices.”

OrCam MyEye is a wearable device that instantly reads text from any surface, seamlessly recognizes faces of family & friends, accurately identify products, money, colors & more – all communicated to you in real-time. The wearable device can attach to virtually any glasses. The device can be controlled automatically, with gestures on a touch bar, hand gestures or with vocal commands to access information you choose. Visual information about your surroundings is read aloud or through headphones.

OrCam Read is a handheld device that can seamlessly scan and read digital and printed text allowing you to dive into your favorite morning paper, indulge in any book, read through documents, articles and emails on your computer or smartphone screen with ease. Simply point and click the handheld device and hear text read from any surface, in real time. Laser guidance captures full pages or specific text you choose. You can also use vocal commands to request text of interest or have specific information read aloud or through headphones.

Who are your consumers, how are these products most helpful?

OrCam devices are for anyone in need of a solution for accessing printed material. This could be someone who needs to read mail, a bill, identify household products, shop, a student, or a professional. OrCam is a solution to improve accessibility in just about any setting. OrCam can be used in any environment, including low-light, and without requiring any internet connectivity. The device can be easily used to read any kind of printed or digital text, at home, in the office, or on the go. The devices are suitable for all eye conditions and all levels of vision loss, as well as for people with reading fatigue and reading difficulties. The device increases independence by allowing individuals to access visual information (text, faces, products, colors, money notes), conveyed by audio.

Does insurance help pay for these devices?

Insurance typically does not cover the cost of OrCam devices. Vocational rehabilitation or state funding can sometimes provide support based on individual goals and needs. Eligible Veterans can also inquire through VA eye care programs. Payment plans are available.

Where can people try before buying?

Contact local representative Corinne Nero to schedule an in-person or virtual demonstration. 630-642-9810 or corinne.nero@orcam.com

How can people learn more?

Visit www.orcam.com or call Corinne Nero, 630-642-9810

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