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Personal Assistant Training

Visit to find or train to become a personal assistant.

Voices for Civil Justice

Voices for Civil Justice publishes a list of Organizations Related to Civil Legal Aid in Illinois.

For persons with arthritic finger joints or difficulty grasping and putting on a ring at all, may have an answer.

The hinged rings open and close to allow for a good fit at the base of the finger, but still fit over a larger knuckle.

 INCIL doesn’t have any connection to this
Colorado Springs, CO business. I met the artist/owner at an art fair in Springfield,
IL last fall and picked up his card to share on our site. Let us know if you try them! ~ DiAnne Crown

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As we begin the new year, it’s good to revisit important available resources. The ABLE Account tops the list today.

ABLE stands for “Achieving a Better Life Experience. Read details at In short, it is a savings account for persons with disability onset prior to age 26.

ABLE accounts exist to help:
  • ·        Invest in yourself, build independence.
  • ·        Be in control. Save for current and future expenses.
  • ·        Preserve your federal SSI, Medicaid, and HUD benefits.
  • ·        Save smart. Plan for your child’s future.
  • ·        Build independence. Save more if you work.

“To all your abilities, add the ability to save.”

Support CILs

You can help to support your local center for independent living by gifting your time or gifting your resources.

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